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Lighting Rental : garlands, spotlights, torches, balloons and lighting accessories

At nightfall, our judiciously placed sources of light provide warmth, privacy and comfort creating an enchanting scenic atmosphere!
Corridors of fairy lights, starry skies or veritable tents of light, an infinite number of possibilities are available to illuminate your receptions. Only one keyword: magical!

Autonomous spots
Lighting accesories
Sculpting Environments

It will not only be a question of placing lamps or projectors but of sculpting the atmosphere and highlighting the beauty of the place. Count on us to magnify the facade of a building, the charm of a park or even highlight the decorative elements and natural assets of a space.

Tailor-made Scenography

Opt for a vintage or modern look depending on the arrangement of the lights based on their tint and intensity. On the walls, on the ceiling, on the tables, in the aisles… every spot and be optimised with subtile effects and striking contrasts.

Honed technique

As the elegance of lighting can not be improvised, we don't just perform the installation. We also ensure the best cohesion of all of the elements based on where they are located. The autonomy of our lighting, the safety of the installation and the discretion of the wires are guaranteed throughout your event.

What would light be without the beings that perceive it ?

Philippe Montillier
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