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outil pour la réparation des tentes chez Be Lounge. Tailored sewing and sails
  • Tents and sail repair

    Does your tent or sail have a tear or worn seams? Despite the sturdiness of the fabrics, weather plays a big role and can ruin certain fabrics if they are not maintained regularly.
    In the event of a problem we are able to repair your tents and sails in our warehouses. Our qualified and competent professionals will bring your structures back to life.
  • Partition curtains, textile partitions, heat stretched PVC, crystal, etc ...

    We are able to install all types of products in addition to our nomad tents and lodges, from dividing curtains and textile partitions to hot stretch PVC tents and crystal tents. These installations require an expert hand as well as adequate material which we provide you with so that your event proceeds without any hiccups.
    All our agencies (Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Cannes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Antwerp and Marbella) will offer you the same turnkey services.