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Laurane vintage and comfort stool
Victoria Stool
Paris Bistrot Stool
The alliance of material

To continually better accompany the scenography of your reception, Be Lounge has developed a wide range of stools. In oak wood, bamboo or metal they all have the particularity of matching with the bars and counters in out catalog. Top quality stools, the perfect support of choice for high table seating.

A style, an ambiance

There is a stool for every style and atmosphere. In Be-Lounge’s range of stools, you will find seats in a chic, industrial or rustic style. And since quality and comfort are inseparable for us, each reference is equipped with either a backrest or lower bars to put your feet up. In short, all the ingredients to make your reception delecatly comfortable and plesa

Noble Material

Carefully selected, the Be Lounge stool range is made up of remarkable finishes. In light excellent quality materials such as oak, wood, steel or rattan. Surely there is enough to find the ideal material to enhance your reception area and surprise your guests !