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Rectangular Ethnicraft Wooden Table
Wagon Table
Round Ethnicraft Wooden Table
Ethnicraft Cooper pedestal table
Rectangular Table
Round Table
Buffet Table
Tables in the spotlight

A key element for a successful meal, our tables available in the catalog are assembled and set up by our teams, according to your instructions. The central element of a reception, this range is made up of various formats (rectangular, round ...) and materials (rustic wood, oak wood, resistant plastic ...) to fill all your table plans and actively participate in your decoration.

From style to quality

Practical and resistant, the Be Lounge tables meet all of your needs by offering you a range of tables rich in numbers. Buffet tables, head tables, or even the Wagon table a one of a kind table made to measure for you with its steel legs and its wooden surface aged over 200 years, a subtle mix of materials combined with a modern and original design !

Wood in the spotlight

Because originality is part of our DNA, our wooden table range are the signature pieces in the catalog. Alongside our partner Ethnicraft, we produce unique round and rectangular wooden tables. Let's mix it up and surprise your guests with a unique dining experience!