• Lighting

    Lighting is one of the main contributors to the atmosphere of an event.
    Whether you wish to go for a cosy and soft ambience, or a more flamboyant and colourful feel, we can provide garlands, spotlights and various lighting accessories to satisfy all of your wishes.
  • A lighting system tailored your event

    By means of spotlights, hanging garlands or lighting props and accessories, our teams will transform your reception areas by putting emphasis on enhancing the surrounding environment and architecture.
    To ensure the feasibility of your ideas and wishes, we are able to organise a technical visit of the premises prior to the set up of your event. Our project managers will be there to answer all of your questions and concerns, and will make sure to offer the best and most appropriate options for you
  • A festive feel

    Thanks to our programmable colour changing spotlights, we are able to create all sorts of lighting eccentricities.
    Their glimmer will embellish and illuminate the surrounding nature, architecture, but also our tents and marquees. Meanwhile, our garlands can be installed both inside and outside. Placed over a dance floor or in an old barn, they will create a friendly, chic and sophisticated atmosphere. With the use of bamboo poles, we can create a ceiling of garlands for a starry night ambience.
  • Lighting props and accessories

    It is the finest details that will make the difference to your venue.
    Whether it is for the creation of a bar area, to enhance the display of a buffet, or even just to illuminate a car park, our teams will always find the best options for your project thanks to our wide range of lighting props and accessories.
  • The option of a technical control room

    Our autonomous spotlights are powered by lithium batteries.
    They are pre-programmable or equipped with a remote control. In order to facilitate their implementation, we can offer the option of a technical control room that will ensure the proper functioning of the lighting system throughout the evening.