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Made-to-Measure Stretch Tents
  • Purchase our Stretch Tents

    With long-standing and reliable experience, we are now offering the opportunity to purchase our beautiful Nomadic Stretch Tents.
    With more than 1000 events to our name, we have today become THE experts in the design of nomadic tents. We know our products inside out, their complexities and specific implementation. We are now an official importer and distributor of the leading South African manufacturer, Tentickle. By choosing to collaborate with Belounge you will not only be guaranteed expert knowledge, but costs of importation and customs clearance will be more attractive and trouble-free.
  • Pour particuliers et professionnels

    Si vous êtes professionnel de l’événementiel, ces toiles vous permettront d’accroître le nombre de convives à l’abri dans votre établissement. Si vous êtes particulier, nos toiles sublimeront votre terrasse ou jardin. Elles permettront de profiter davantage de vos espaces extérieurs.
    If you are a professional events planner, our canvas structures will enable you to accommodate an increased number of guests during your receptions. If you are a homeowner, our tents will transform and sublimate your terrace or garden, and you will be able to make the most of your outdoor areas. In accordance with the area that is to be covered, we will take into consideration all of your specifications: climate, surrounding architectures, constraints, colours, personnalisations…Everything will be taken into account, so that the whole construction chain will be controlled by us:
    • The different requirements you need following the analysis of the available space and other preferences: onsite technical analysis, the design of a working plan, use of pictures.
    • The elaboration of drawings for a preview in 2D or 3D(*), followed by an estimation of costs.
    • Your validation and/or modifications.
    • The production process, which takes between 3 to 4 weeks (with or without an added logo of your choice).
    • The installation of the structure and technical training by our team of professionals: the French standards of equipment, sharing advice and installation tips.
    • The assurance that you are completely satisfied.

    (*) Depending on the workload, 3D work may require a financial contribution.
  • Advantages

    Our Stretch Tents offer multiple advantages.
    They are 100% waterproof thanks to their weight/m²; they will protect you from poor weather conditions (approved to resist winds up to 100 km/h), and the canvases offer excellent acoustics. In hot weather conditions, they will protect you from the sun and bring a little coolness to your venue. Classified M2 and guaranteed for 3 years, our fabrics are UV resistant and anti-microbial treated. Finally, because we do not wish for the maintenance of your Stretch Tent to be a source of stress for you, we offer maintenance packages. These will not only increase the longevity of your structure, but will enable you to benefit from regular monitoring and testing of your Stretch Tent.

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