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Beige nomadic tent

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vente tente beige Beige nomadic tents


  • Grams/m2 :
    710 grams/m²
  • Highly resistant fabrics

    Available uniquely in opaque, our fabrics are resistant to 100km/h winds and can stand up to 4cm of snow.
    Approved by the M2 fire standards our nomad tents are 100% waterproof and anti-UV treated.
  • A timeless shade

    Beige remains a timeless color! Never before has beige been one of the trendiest colours in terms of decoration. Both warm and fresh at the same time, this canvas has no real restrictions in terms of maintenance.
    At nightfall this colour will provide a ‘natural’ sense of warmth and intimacy. The beige tent will graciously complement your stone buildings and harmoniously match the surrounding environment.