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White nomadic tents

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Tentes nomades blanches White nomadic tents


  • Grams/m2 :
    710 grams/m²
  • Highly resistant fabrics

    Available in both opaque or translucent, our fabrics are resistant to 100km/h winds and can stand up to 4cm of snow.
    Approved by the M2 fire standards, our nomad tents are 100% waterproof and anti-UV treated.
  • Opaque or translucent

    The translucent white canvas will considerably increase the daylight under the structure. Working with indirect lighting, the heads of the supporting masts transform into pretty “illuminated peaks” which will undoubtedly magnify the general ambiance of the structure. The translucent canvas conveys a unique lightness to your event and at nightfall a soft luminous halo to the structure.
    The opaque canvas is identical to the translucent canvas in terms of weight. Its opacity makes it impervious to exterior light. We particularly recommend this canvas for spaces highly exposed to the sun: it will protect your guests from the heat. It will further reflect any indirect lighting such as spotlights positioned at the base of the masts. For optimal performance, we recommend washing the structure seasonally. Our teams are more than capable of providing this service.