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Nomadic tents for weddings and receptions

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These tents are suitable for any home, restaurant or hotel patio extension. Its South Afri-can origins give it various advantages for extreme strength and a very competitive acquisi-tion price. The assemblies are varied and adaptable to each location!

Our expertise makes our strength

The primary importer of what’s known as "stretch" tents in France in 2013, Be Lounge today draws its strength from its vast experience.
Of rare elegance and the result of several years of research in South Africa, the rendering and final design of our nomad tents are the result of the precision and perseverance of our specialised assembly collaborators.

Now a must in the quality reception sector, our stretch tents are UV treated, M2 fire re-sistant, CTS certified, 100% waterproof and resistant to winds over 100 km/h.

True “all-terrain” structures that are raised using eucalyptus poles (exclusively at Be Lounge!) and firmly anchored to the ground. Our nomadic tents are guaranteed to be sol-id, resistant, protective and have excellent acoustics.

Their geometric lines, fine and elegant, delicately match the architecture of each prestig-ious place for an original and upscale allure.

Three colours are available to meet all of your requirements: white, beige and taupe as well as a multitude of sizes from 36 to 400 m².

If larger sizes (1000m² and more) or a set up on an unusually shaped space is necessary, we have the possibility of pairing several tents and adapting to the constraints of the site.
Recognized for their expertise, our project managers and assemblers are qualified for all types of assemblies and will ensure that they are watertight with each other using special-ised gutters.

Our possible assemblies