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Pagoda Catering Tents


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    4x4m (16m²) / 5x5m (25m²)
  • Pagoda catering tents

    The unavoidable and above-all essential workplace for your caterer.
    Pagodas offer a comfortable and safe workspace for your caterer and his team, to facilitate and ensure the quality of their services. After researching the current market, Belounge opted for a revisited version of the pagoda. We can provide these beige small marquees in two different sizes: 4x4m (16m²) and 5x5m (25m²). The beige colour is an extension of our nomadic tents’ spirit. Made in France, our pagodas are of high quality. Each structure includes full walls, windowed walls and a door. We will assemble them bearing in mind that hygiene is of the utmost importance. Don’t hesitate to create a larger space, as each of these tent structures can be linked together by their integrated gutters to create a more spacious and functional workspace.