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General rental terms and conditions

The acceptance of an offer or purchase order implies the full and unconditional approval of the general rental terms and conditions excluding any other documents issued by the customer (hereinafter referred to as the ‘leaseholder’) even if BeLounge (hereinafter referred to as the “lessor”) has become aware of it.

Article 1: Orders

The leaseholder must place their order in writing, indicating the desired rental furniture with exact quantities, rental period and location; payment information must also be stated. The order will be finalized once the quotation has been signed and all orders require a 50% deposit of the total cost including tax. Check deposits may be requested, they will be returned to the depositor once the full invoice amount has been paid and in the absence of any disputes. All quantities stated are based on the availability of stock from the moment quotations are sent by BeLounge. Due to constraints linked to stock availability and performance, BeLounge reserves the right to provide furniture and tents of a similar quality. The leaseholder will be deemed to accept product replacements once the order confirmation has been received.

Article 2: Tariffs

All prices quoted by BeLounge are calculated in euros excluding taxes, discounts, transportation and labor costs. Transportation costs vary depending on the evolution of fuel prices, vehicles, distance and m³. Labor costs are calculated based on the number of people and time required for both the installation and recovery of material.

Article 3: Delivery – Hiring – Recovery

Leaseholders agree to provide BeLounge with a convenient delivery location and ample notification in case of any complications. Spaces reserved for installations and/or storage for BeLounge including access to these spaces must be rid of all objects. All rented equipment must be uniquely handled and installed by the BeLounge staff. Deliveries may be scheduled as early as 3 days before the event and recovery of material no later than 2 days after the event. BeLounge reserves the right to change the day and time of both the installation and recovery of their material for scheduling purposes up to 24 hours before the expected delivery or recovery date.

The leaseholder must be present during the delivery and recovery of the material to be able to check and sign off for the inventory of rented equipment (Delivery / Return slip). In the absence of a signature, any contest towards rented material will be refused and all material provided or recovered, as displayed in the inventory made by the BeLounge team on site, will prevail. Leaseholders must also specify a precise location for the assembly or delivery area. Tents or other structures attached to the ground will not be moved or modified without an agreement made with BeLounge and the customers’ acceptance of supplementary costs. The leaseholder is responsible for all rented material until recovery. All rented furniture in good condition must be used in accordance with their intended purpose, the leaseholder agrees to not do anything that will damage or mistreat rented furniture. The leaseholder is held entirely responsible in the case of any loss or theft of rented material. No compensation will be paid to the leaseholder for any malfunctions. The leaseholder agrees to return all rented equipment in the same condition in which it was delivered. Leaseholders are responsible for all maintenance and protection against any deterioration, vandalism, overload, bad weather, rain, wind, snow, frost etc. All returned furniture/material must not be stained to an unrecoverable extent, damaged, torn and all paintwork should be kept intact.

For example, strong adhesive tape, writing and cut-outs are prohibited on our rental material. In conjunction with this rule, it is forbidden to engrave, label or staple rented equipment. All material damaged or not returned will be charged to the leaseholder to its original value ‘as new’. BeLounge reserves the right to make a second evaluation of furniture once it has been returned to the warehouses. If the damage turns out to be unrecoverable, the leaseholder will be held entirely responsible to fund all necessary refurbishment costs. If customers wish to protect themselves against such a risk, taking out extra insurance is strongly recommended.

Article 4: Force majeure

BeLounge commits to providing all services agreed upon once a contract has been accepted except in the case of force majeure or any other reason beyond control (strikes, bad weather, flooding, accidents, official bans, power failure etc.). In such circumstances, BeLounge cannot be held responsible for delays or defects in the delivery of their services.

Article 5: Cancellation

Any cancellations or partial cancellations will be charged to the leaseholder to the total amount of the deposit.

Article 6: Payment


The invoice is drawn up and sent once the lease is complete, after the recovery and control of rented equipment. The invoice can be paid for by check or bank transfer, excluding discounts for advanced payment.

Delayed or failed payments Failure to pay an invoice on its due date will result in the following without prior notice:

-Renders the total due balance immediately payable in full to BeLounge

-The application of a lump sum compensation of recovery costs to the amount of €40.

In the case where the debtor forces BeLounge to undertake the procedure of due payment recovery with the recovery service or put into action a judicial procedure, the total due amount will increase to cover all additional costs.

Article 7: Insurance

Leaseholders agree to take out necessary insurance during the event. It is the client’s responsibility to cover all public liability insurance costs during the entire period of their event. BeLounge cannot be held responsible for any material damage or other types of physical indemnities.

Article 8: Litigation

All contracts concluded by BeLounge are governed under French law. In case of difficulties concerning the interpretation or enactments of these regulations, even in case of appeal or plurality of the defenders, the Tribunal de Commerce of Salon de Provence has sole competence.

Article 9 - Specific rental conditions

Furniture and structures When renting a tent or an orangery structure, the leaseholder authorizes BeLounge staff to plant steel stakes in the ground in which sizes may vary between 50cm to 80cm in length. If the leaseholder does not wish it BeLounge must be notified a minimum of 14 days before the event, to allow ample time for BeLounge to provide a concrete ballast at an additional cost. In cases where stakes are planted into the ground, leaseholders must indicate the areas where it is possible to drill in order to avoid any damage to underground installations (sprinklers, gas, pipes etc.).

BeLounge cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in this manner in the absence of this information. Leaseholders must comply with the relevant safety standards and rules especially regarding tents and orangery structures. Authorisation of these structures must only be given when the weather conditions are safe. Leaseholders agree to abide by the rule of public evacuation when winds travel faster than 100km/h or snowfall is equal 4cm thick or more. The leaseholder agrees to not make any modifications to the assembly of the tent. In no case should the customer move the poles, If this happens BeLounge will not assume any responsibility.

BeLounge reserves the right to modify or cancel the installation of tents or structures in the case of bad weather that may cause dangerous or unacceptable working conditions for equipment installation on site. In despite of any modifications made to the structures, if the BeLounge Project Leaders (all trained in security BVCTS52) consider the risk too great for public safety they reserve the right to state their professional opinion to the leaseholder. No refunds will be made in the case of a cancellation due to unsafe weather conditions that are unfavorable or dangerous, this is a decision made for safety.

Subcontracting To provide the best customer service possible BeLounge sometimes subcontracts equipment or additional services. As well as services such as DJ’s, portaloo hire, generators and such others can be outsourced.

It is important to mention that BeLounge will take care of all subletting including the reservation, delivery, installation and retrieval of this material. BeLounge will integrate the amount due for this material in the invoice sent to the leaseholder. Taking this into consideration in the case of an issue, dispute or breakdown of subcontracted material leaseholders agree to address all concerns towards the supplier of the material in question and not BeLounge.

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