A tale of passionate men

Our concept is simple and effective: revisited products included in a turnkey installation formula

Our work method is different: we stimulate a real ‘turnkey service’ with individual support from beginning to end, for small and big projects. Unity is strength and we translate this moral duty into a tightly-knit team.

« A creative company
since 2012 »

Be Lounge was born from the collaboration between David Istas, a Belgian photographer, and Benoit Loos, the founder of Ethnicraft, a brand of furniture.

Both friends had a very specific idea in mind: to revolutionise the world of events by offering a unique and innovative concept of space design.

Being the leader of the market has been their aim since day one. Be Lounge is devoted to offering structures of a new kind, installed by trained and qualified men.

As a result, we were the first to offer the so-called “nomadic” stretch tents, which have the particularity of providing an open communion with the surrounding environment. In fact, we now have a well established reputation, since we are the biggest importers of stretch tents in France, and have worked on over 1000 events.

Be Lounge has been a creative company since 2012: our range of products is innovative and well-designed, and our turn-key services ensure a smooth and stress-free setup of your event. Whether it is for the happiest day of your life or for an important professional event, we will listen to you and together we will find the best solutions.

Today, Be Lounge represents a turnover of 4,000,000 and satisfies the needs of over 900 clients a year. Finally, our teams are installed in Aix en Provence, Paris, Cannes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Antwerp (Belgium) and Marbella (Spain) and they are not afraid to cross the French boarders to neighbouring countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Davis Istas

Our teams

Our teams follow regular and rigorous training and are fully committed to guarantee safe installations on a daily basis. Our aim is the satisfaction of a job well done.

We attach particular importance to people; they are the driving force of our activity. Our teams will always be at your disposal, before, during and after your event. Their expertise, discretion and perseverance are the key elements of our profession.

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