Giving your events character

Be Lounge provides the art of transforming a place for a few hours to make your event truly unforgettable.

Experts in turnkey projects, our know-how has assembled a talented team that incorporates creativity, innovation and excellence making each project an unforgettable experience.

« A creative company
since 2012 »

Inspired by its founders, since 2012 Be Lounge has become an event furnishing group driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive to go above and beyond.

Covering over 100 events per week in high season and up to 1500 each year, our various agencies support leading organisations and brands by creating custom-made events.

Be lounge has a stock of 80 product families consisting of over 8000 unique pieces and a well-established inter-warehouse logistics that guarantees the latest’s designs and innovative equipment : « orangeries », nomadic tents, canopies, shade sails, lighting and furniture …

Choosing Be Lounge is choosing the serenity of tailor-made solutions, whatever the nature from construction to the completion of your project.

Davis Istas

Our teams

Our teams follow regular and rigorous training and are fully committed to guarantee safe installations on a daily basis. Our aim is the satisfaction of a job well done.

We attach particular importance to people; they are the driving force of our activity. Our teams will always be at your disposal, before, during and after your event. Their expertise, discretion and perseverance are the key elements of our profession.

Agency managers