• Flooring

    From a flooring that is made-to-measure to the fitting of a natural floor, our wide range of flooring materials will meet all your needs and requirements.
    Whether it is for the creation of a dance floor, to emphasise a speaker, or even to create a red carpet, our range of floorings is varied and modulable. This allows us to offer you a tailor-made design and fitting for your event.
  • Perfectly fitted floors

    Outdoor receptions often mean the risk of receiving your guests on damp or even muddy ground depending on the weather conditions.
    In order to counter these risks, we are able to provide you with flooring that is worthy of an interior. You will therefore be able to make the most of the joys of an outdoor reception.
  • A variety of flooring materials

    Whether you choose carpet or natural flooring, our experts will carefully cut and adjust your flooring.

    For the fun of dancing : because there is no party without a dance floor!