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• French manufacture

• Self-supporting structure

• Powder-coated aluminium frame, wood effect

• Fully closable, flexible PVC roof and walls

• Bright thanks to its total transparency

• Heating option

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All in transparency

An amazing wooden effect aluminum frame, a transparent roof that blends into the land-scape, an ability to fully close allowing incredible resistance to the elements, the canopy tent makes your wildest dreams come true in any season!

Enjoy the natural light and the setting of your event in peace under a crystal or opaque roof, the ideal setting to make your reception unforgettable.

From 50 to 250m² and without a central mast, the canopy tent allows you to take ad-vantage of the entire surface area of the marquee and can be set up on any ground.

Resistant to winds over 100 km/h, its optional glass walls will allow you to stay warn in-side thanks to an independent heating system that we can offer you.

The structure

Module assembly from 50 to 250 m2

50 m2
100 m2
150 m2
200 m2
250 m2
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