It may happen that during events, small problems arise.

The caterer requires specific electrical needs, there are not enough sanitaries available onsite, you need an electrical power generator or a control room for the general management of your event…

Be Lounge understands and provides solutions so that these problems are no longer part of the equation. We manage the third-party service providers internally so that you have only one person to talk to : us.

Technical control rooms can be installed for your convenience. Whether it is to control lighting, or to counter unpredicted weather conditions, our teams can be there to support you during the event.

Our teams are experts in product knowledge and will manage all the risks associated with them. We are the guarantors of your peace of mind, all you will need to do is to enjoy yourself amongst your guests.

Sound System

We will be happy to advise you as to a trusted service provider to manage your the sound system of your event.

Whether you are looking for a DJ or specific equipment such as for an orchestra, we will be able to guide you towards the best suited option.

Individual high-quality sound systems can also be provided for your brunch or any other occasion that does not require the presence of a sound professional.


No electricity onsite ? Are you in need of advice?

Be Lounge is able to provide you with the necessary equipment to solve any electrical issue (generators, electrical switch-gear cabinets…). We also guarantee the supply of electrical power generators which are both soundproof and tested.

We will not leave the premises until the generator is up and going and all of your wishes have been satisfied. You will in no way need to worry about any of these aspects.

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