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Sailcloth Tents


  • Ranging
    From 70 to 470 m²
  • Sailcloth tents

    Of a rare elegance, our sailcloth tents will bring a voluptuous grace to your venues.
    Their oval shape and interior luminosity set them apart from other classic canvas structures.
  • Impressive 7-metre high ceiling

    The impressive 7-metre high ceiling procures a light, luxurious and comfortable space.
    Whilst the fabric – like American sailcloth – ensures a pleasant and constant temperature, especially during the summer season. In bad weather conditions we may install glass or opaque roll-panels around the structure and an independent heating system.
  • Anytime, anywhere

    The sailcloth tent can be installed at any time of the year.
    Available in white or cream, they allow for all kinds of imaginative scenarios and eccentricity of lighting. Flat terrain is preferable for this kind of structure, however if your terrain is uneven, we are able to eradicate irregularities by installing high quality raw-pine flooring, which will enhance the luxury of the sailcloth tent and your guests will appreciate the comfort.