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Sailcloth tents

Our oval structures composed of canvases, inspired by American sail-loft, will set the scene for your receptions with panache!

Spacious and bright, the nomadic frame marquees amaze and impress with their astonishing geometric shape!

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Of remarkable quality and of rare elegance

In the event of bad weather or wind, we provide our marquees with transparent or opaque protective walls that can be rolled up around the entire perimeter. A feeling of ease, luxury and comfort await you!

Refined design and grandiose high ceilings, our nomadic orangeries plant the unique backdrop for your most magical scenographies. Original and modular, the Be Lounge barnums are undoubtedly the best accomplices for your receptions!

Wind resistant up to 100km/h, our nomadic sailcloth tents can be transformed into independent airtight structures when necessary, thus allowing use in every season.

There are different colours available and the central poles can be used as a base for hooks to incorporate light decorations that make the sailcloth tent the pinnacle of the marquee, perfectly suitable to let your imagination run wild!

Winter temperatures? Decorate the reception tent with our Marbella heated parasols, blowers or braziers and find yourself in a haven of warmth and comfort.

Uneven ground? Be Lounge can install quality raw fir flooring to overcome all level constraints and thus erase any irregularities.

Model of 9.90m width

70m² model
9.40 x 9.90 x 5.48m
130m² model
15,30 x 9,90 x 5,48 m
190m² model
21,20 x 9,90 x 6,13 m
250m² model
27,10 x 9,90 x 6,13 m

Model of 13.50m width

140m² model
13,50 x 13,50 x 6,40 m
220m² model
19,20 x 13,50 x 6,40 m
310m² model
25,50 x 13,50 x 7,30 m
390m² model
31,10 x 13,50 x 7,30 m
470m² model
37,50 x 13,50 x 7,30 m
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