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Pergolas nomades en location pour réception


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Pagoda Catering Tents

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  • Tents and sails

    Our tents and sails are breaking the trends of the more ‘classic’ events and venue furniture on offer today.
    Inspired by the Berber Shelters or the sails of an American sailing ship, our structures will account for the charm of your event and will contribute to the creation of unforgettable memories. They offer ideal protection in bad weather or high temperatures, and whilst embracing the environment in which they are installed, they create a festive, convivial venue and atmosphere. Finally, let yourself be surprised by the refined design and grandiose high ceilings of our magnificent Nomadic Orangeries.
  • Our ‘turnkey’ services

    Belounge offers the rental of tents, marquees, small pagodas, and all kinds of shelters for your reception area.
    As part of our ‘turnkey’ services, whether you pick a stretch tent, an orangery or shade sails, our team will always ensure that all of your requirements are met. We wish to offer our services to everyone and for every kind of events: weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, inauguration events, gatherings and corporate meetings. Whether your event is private or professional, we will make sure to provide you with the best advice and solutions to your reception areas. Our aim: to make your event the most memorable and unforgettable one.
  • Grandiose reception tents

    Our depot offers a total storage area of 10,000 m².
    It houses most of our range of products including nomadic orangeries and nomadic stretch tents. From 36 to more than 1000 m², our structures will accommodate your smaller and larger scaled events. Our Nomadic Orangeries are of a rare elegance. They differ from other more ‘classic’ tents due to their oval shape and fascinating floor-to-ceiling height. Whereas our Stretch Tents, are adapted to the environment in which they are set up in, making sure they harmonise with the surrounding architecture.
  • Unique and practical structures

    Each of our structures can provide a specific purpose tailored to your needs and preferences.
    From a pagoda to provide your caterer with a workspace, shade sails to protect your guests from the sun, tipis to accommodate your friends and family over night, or a pergola under which you can celebrate your union. Available in varying colours and sizes, our structures will ensure that your events run nice and smoothly.
  • The guarantee of safe installations

    Whether it is for the set up of a 490 m² Nomadic Orangery, or a 16 m² pagoda, all of our structures are assembled with the greatest attention to safety standards and measures.
    Our project managers and teams intend to assemble structures that are suited to environment in which they are set up in and to the weather conditions. All of our work is environmentally friendly. Once our tents and other structures dismantled, you will find your garden just as it was, as if nothing happened…what a dream !