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Rental of Bars & Counters

Rustic Wooden Bar
"Disco Fever" Josephine Bar
"Slate" Josephine Bar
Guinguette Bar
Vintage antique background bar shelf
Friendly spaces

An essential element for bringing guests together, Be Lounge has developed a range of bars, counters, reception desks and displays with carefully crafted and designed styled for dynamic and friendly spaces. A touch of zinc, a silky touch, warm colors or even integrat-ed lighting: each reference reveals a particularity that makes it unique.

Multiple possibilities

An spot of conviviality at your receptions, the Be Lounge bars and counters as well as the stools will add warm landmarks to your space. Our complete range will adapt to all of your requirements for welcoming guests, staging a barman and his cocktails, presenting products or as a decorative element. Count on us to make it an excellent place to be and exchange amongst friends and colleagues.

Meeting Point

The detail that makes all the difference. Thanks to their quality and unique style, our bars and counters offer a multitude of possibilities and will naturally become the meeting point for your guests. Our carefully crafted selection can easily be combined with our stools to become the starting point for one (or more) glasses with friends!